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These are my thoughts. I wanted to put them in writing, so I can format them better & make them easier to understand than a long text.

The way that I find avenues to improve is by writing out my thoughts. Then look at them from the “30,000 feet overview”, and then start to work on the details.

80% of current loans are below a 4% interest rate.

The 'normal' rate is 6 - 8%. When mortgage rates are in the 6 - 8% range, the federal government / federal reserve are generally not trying to influence the rate.

People used to move every 7 years on average. I don’t know what it is now, but I know people are staying in their homes much longer.

If 80% of loans are below 4%, and rates start to go up, there isn’t as much motivation for sellers, because they can’t afford as much house as what they are leaving. Who wants to leave a 3% loan to take on a 7% loan?

Less people selling. Less buyers.


Here’s where we start to answer the question “What to do to improve sales by 20%?”.

1. Baby boomers, and those older (the silent generation) are having “life events” that cause RE transactions. They are the 2nd largest demographic. Many are dying, and some are downsizing. 10,000 per day are dying.

With these older groups die, it’s a life event that causes a sale. The people that are left to deal with it are not prepared for this, dealing with death, estates, taxes, etc.

2. Millennial's. They had debt from school. They didn’t buy homes. They rented. It’s the largest demographic. But now they are starting to enter the market. They usually go for entry level properties as first time buyers.

Millennial's don’t care who agents are. They use technology more than anyone (think RedFin). They like ‘rebates’, or discounts on commissions.

Example: if they buy a $500,000 home, and they get a 1% rebate ($5000) towards their escrow, they are happy.


So, the big picture I take from that is: specialization in helping elderly / the family that’s left to deal with a forced transaction is a large market. The other large market I see is millennial's. To help them requires an increase of technology so that you can lower costs.

I know I haven’t directly answered your question yet. But this does start me on a path to be able to answer that question.


We'll have to chat more about what you are doing, are you trying to increase your sales, or the agents in the office sales ...