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Racer X, MX Sports suffers PR setback?

Paul Iverson

In this world of social media and instant news, sometimes a name or brand that took years to build up can be destroyed in a few minutes.

Racer X is an online, and print publication. It is run by the Coombs family, with one son, Davey Coombs, being the most visible person publicly. The Coombs family, via MX Sports, also runs the AMA National Motocross Series.

Giuseppe Luongo runs Youthstream, the company that runs the FIM World Motocross Series.

The AMA National Motocross Series is 12 events, all run in America.

The FIM World Motocross Series is 18 events, run in 15 countries, with two events in America.

It appears, based on social media, that the Racer X website published the article below, with a less than classy comment for Giuseppe Luongo. (BTW, it appears whoever wrote the article doesn't know how to spell Mr. Luongo's first name correctly.)

If the article is accurate, at worst Racer X and MX Sports could suffer a huge PR setback. At best, it lacks in professional journalism and is less than classy.