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Top Secret The Melissa 2018 Page!

October 22, 2017 - San Diego, California

In Breaking News Today, it has been announced that starting January 1, the entire year will be proclaimed The Year of The Melissa.

The announcement came today at the spacious & luxurious world headquarters of Melissa Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Melissa Inc.

Spokes person Push E. Sales had this to say:

Well, January 1 always brings in a New Year. And on behalf of people everywhere, there could be nothing better than The Year of The Melissa.

So, combining cutting edge technology with old school values, we dedicate the entire year as The Year of The Melissa. Pretty cool, right?

Melissa, hailing from LaVerkin, Utah, said following this historic and ground breaking announcement:

Holy smokes! An entire year? Oh boy - I've got plans for 2018!!! We will go big! You know what they say!

Wait .. you don't know what they say? Oh my! Well that means I can now make up what they say! And today, they are saying 2018 - The Year of The Melissa! Hey, that's me!!!! Oh yeah ... I'm going to go to some crazy daredevil event!!! And one of my friends said he'll take me to McDonald's and he knows how to treat a woman right - he said I can SuperSize!

2018 - The Year of The Melissa

2018 - The Year of The Melissa

In other breaking news, Taco Bell has announced that they will be the Official Title Sponsor of the Liberty Bell. It will now officially be called the Liberty Taco Bell.